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About Us

What Makes The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Products Better!

Since the presence of more than 50 years ago, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has grown to become one of the largest coffee and tea brand in the world and become a model of successful coffee and tea company.

A number of our best beans are called Espresso Blend, made from a mix of 5 world’s best coffee beans which are ; Sumatera, Papua, Costa Rica, Colombia and Brazil. All these coffee beans are carefully nurtured from the harvesting, mixing, roasting, quality control and grinding processes; all the way to the cups where we serve our customers. Our best coffee beans are growing in the highlands of up to 6000 meters above sea level, and  this temperatures of the plateau produces the best coffee beans quality and strong flavor.

In 1989, The Coffee Bean & Tea leaf pioneered The Original Ice Blended Drink; made from ice, coffee extract, milk & The Original ice Blended Powder made from vanilla, chocolate & white chocolate; which then became our signature drink. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is focused in experiments in order to create not just ice over coffee, but the combination of smoother ice, creamier and tastier taste which creates a premium flavorful experience. From that moment onwards, dozens of imitators have appeared, trying to create a drink similar to our coffee based ice blended drinks; with little success.

By using the latest technology, we are able to produce coffee extract and smooth ice without clumps; in addition to the usage of French Deluxe & Chocolate Dutch Powder, which produces better tasting and larger drink variety. While many other raw materials can’t be well blended due to their composition, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Ice Blended Premium Powder will ensure that your drinks will retain their texture and taste even after some time has passed.

The quality of our premium powder stands out when compared to other similar products from different coffee shops, in terms of ingredients; where they only use syrup or other similar flavoring extracts.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has also created a number of tea and fruit Based Ice Blended Drinks, which has their taste taken to the next level by the addition of our Exclusive Ice Blended Vanilla Powder. Due to our dedication to keep innovating, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Ice Blended Drink has been known as the most authentic & tastiest drink in the world!

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s specialty are not just Coffee & Tea, other menus such as Brek O’ Day, Long John Gyu Teriyaki, New York Sausage Roll Pastry & Chicago Cheese Cake are some of your best companions at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as well as other choices of Cookies that you can share with your family! All of our menus are made using materials of the highest quality and a centralized production facility, which ensures that all of your favorite products have the same taste & quality at any outlet.