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Customer Care

Are the cakes and pastries sold by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf home made, or provided by a vendor?

Our cakes & pastries are all home made by a very experienced head chef in order to keep the highest quality and taste.

What kind of coffee beans do The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf use?

For our Espresso Blend, we use 5 types of the world’s best coffee beans which are : Sumatra, Papua, Costa Rica, Colombia and Brazil.

Does The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have their own delivery service?

Yes we do. Which applies for selected stores within a certain distance.

What makes The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s coffee products different than other coffee shops?

All of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has gone through an international standardization process, which ensures that all of Our products are delivered at a constant & high quality.

Do The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have any cooperation with banks?

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has cooperated with Bank Mega. Ensuring that our customers receive a discount of up to 50% off by using their Bank Mega credit cards.


Customer Care
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